about us

We’re a family of artists and fun-makers. We believe that life is better in color and that the only thing to take seriously in life is fun. We find inspiration in simple things, like the colors of a California sunset. Our vision to color our world with a beautiful and better word game has evolved into an award-winning success that we’re proud to share with friends, family, and you!


a better word game

Why should a word game be all about points and why should it take hours to play? Or why should the best wordsmith, or the fastest player, win every time? We wanted a word game that actually felt authentic to language itself. So, we created a game that both young and old — kids and adults — could play together. A word game that gets it just right. Because there’s more value to words than just points.


thoughtfully designed

We spent over two years prototyping and play-testing Candygrams. Our goal was to ensure not only the best gameplay possible, but also the highest quality materials. Whether it’s using the purest acrylic available, or silkscreening our components with 100% vegetable inks, every aspect of Candygrams has been carefully considered.


responsibly manufactured

We care deeply about how our products are made. Our manufacturing partner has consistently demonstrated a commitment to fair labor and a clean environment. Bottom line: We built you a game that’s safe. That means no lead or other hazardous materials. Just good, old-fashioned, high-quality fun.


committed to quality

While other games choose to cut corners, we believe that offering customers a great value is the foundation to long-term success. The proof is inside the packaging. Pick up the flimsy, lighter-than-air wooden tiles from your other word game. Now pick up a handful of Candygrams tiles. When you feel the weight and hear the click of our vintage-looking tiles, you’ll know that you’re getting a durable game that will hold up to generations of play.