A top-rated educational game, Candygrams is a great new game to help improve spelling and vocabulary skills, as well as strengthen Stem skills like pattern recognition and planning skills.


CANDYGRAMS is simple enough for kids (ages 7+), but also reveals surprisingly deep strategies for adults.

Each player starts with 25 letter tiles and builds their own crossword by connecting one new word for every roll of the dice. Match the “color combo” by using any combination of both colors rolled — and only those colors — to build your new word in each round. The first player to use all their letters in their crossword wins!

There are two different ways to play: “Standard” and “Express.” Standard has a relaxed pace of play. Express is a fast-paced word race.

Candygrams Standard version of play is easy to learn but packed with strategy, making it the perfect word game for family game night and playing with family and friends.


Standard has a relaxed pace of play, perfect for families, strategists, and players of all different skill levels. In each round, after one player rolls the dice for a “color combo,” every player connects one new word to their own crossword, matching the “color combo” rolled.

The average game takes about 15 minutes.

Candygrams Express version of play is a fast-paced word race, perfect for players who enjoy word games that challenge you to think quick!


Express is fast and frenzied — not for the faint of heart! After each roll of the dice, players race to be the first to connect one new word to their own crossword, matching the “color combo” rolled. Only the first player to do so — and then grab both dice — may keep a new word connected for that roll.

The average game takes about 5 minutes.

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