Candygrams: The Colorful Crossword Game was designed for players of all different ages because word games should bring friends and family together.

I’m not good at word games. Will I like CANDYGRAMS?

We created CANDYGRAMS because we thought word games should be more engaging. So we set out to design an anagrams game that would be fun and challenging for players of all different skill levels. We wanted a simple, yet strategically deep game that would test player’s word skills, strategic thinking—and luck. CANDYGRAMS’ unique gameplay keeps players adjusting their strategies with each new roll of the dice, so every game is different and exciting. And, with two different ways to play, “STANDARD” (a relaxed pace of play) and “EXPRESS” (a fast and frenzied word race), we’d like to think there’s something for everyone inside every box!

Plus, word games are just more fun in color.

Where can I play CANDYGRAMS?
Any flat surface will do! No board, pencil, paper, or calculator required.
Does CANDYGRAMS make other games, too?
CANDYGRAMS is our first game, but it certainly won’t be our last! We also have a card game in the works that we’re super excited about. (Sorry word lovers, this one isn't a word game!) In the meantime, please join our mailing list to stay updated on our latest projects.
Can you play CANDYGRAMS with more than four players?
Try having players pair up in teams of two in order to play in larger groups.
Is CANDYGRAMS good for your brain?
CANDYGRAMS helps develop critical thinking and planning skills, spatial and pattern recognition, as well as spelling and vocabulary skills.
Is CANDYGRAMS available to buy internationally?
CANDYGRAMS is currently only available to buy on Amazon North America, but will be available in other countries soon! Be sure to join our mailing list to receive the latest updates.
Is there an app?
Working on it! But the best way to play CANDYGRAMS will always be face-to-face with friends and family, not on a screen.



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